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The Representatives and volunteers form an important and integral part of the International Open University. Their dedicated services to the university represent the foundation on which the realization of the IOU motto “Changing the Nation through Education” is being achieved! 
Please note the roles and responsibilities assigned by the university to its Representatives and Volunteers before contacting them to enquire or to seek any form of assistance.


They are official representatives hired or appointed by the University to deal with local student issues, communication with local Islamic organizations and institutions, and governmental bodies, as well as networking with regional IOU student committees, learning centers and affiliated institutions. You may contact them for queries or matters related to

  • IOU Courses
  • Enrollment
  • IOU Promotions
  • Establishment of learning and exam centers
  • Acceptance of course fee payment (or fee transfer)
  • Donations to IOU
  • Formation of student committees in your city/area
  • Appointment of local tutors for Tajweed
  • Queries related to the University


They are passionate students/supporters who form a vital part of our human resource effort to achieve the IOU mission of “Changing the Nation through Education”. Their most important role is the field of IOU promotional work. IOU volunteers are not officially responsible for admin or academic work in the university. 
You may contact the IOU Volunteers for queries or matters related to

  • IOU promotions
  • IOU courses
  • Formation of student committees, etc.


  • Please ensure that the person whom you are contacting is a real Representative or an Official Volunteer of IOU.
  • Countries in which the IOU Representatives accept the fee payment have local bank accounts, the details of which are listed on the IOU fee payments page, accessible to students after their admission has been confirmed.
  • Do not entrust any person, who claims to be an IOU Representative, with money in the form of fees or donations unless you have officially confirmed their identity.
  • The IOU Representatives and Volunteers authorized to collect fees and other information must have the following IOU domains in their emails:
  • Do not share personal information, photos etc., with anyone through Skype, Facebook or other email IDs that are without the IOU domain.
  • Do not share your personal IDs during IOU live sessions. Use Student’s Forums to have contact with other students on Academic issues and discussions only.
  • Do not agree to take classes from or meet in person anyone who claims to be an IOU Representative or Volunteer unless you have confirmed their official identity and authorized role, and the meeting or classes are IOU approved.
  • Please email the Global Representative Director at to confirm the legitimacy of any IOU Representative or Official Volunteer whom you do not find listed on the website.
  • Please help us and others by emailing and reporting anyone making false and unsubstantiated claims to be associated with IOU.
  • IOU is not responsible for any loss or damage incurred by students who do not contact the Global Representative Director to confirm the identity of any person who claims to be associated with IOU. We pray that Allah keeps IOU and our students safe, protects them from any kind of harm and blesses them with the right decisions after clearing all doubts and uncertainties (Aameen).
NameCountryContact Details
Sr Amina / +2203214700 / +2202182996
Br Samudeen / +233249540148
Br Mohammed / +91 9000777950
Sr Nunung / +62 87859229267
Br Hamisi / +254 728 888511 / +254 780 888 511
Br Abdullatif
Br Abdullah / +265 888 88 39 56
Br Muhammad Safwan Bin Seeni / +60126122448
Br. Sobah Chey   Maldives
Br Abdullahi / +2348133327543
Br Adetoro Opeyemi / +2348164374646
Br Usman Amjad / +92 321 1499112 
Br Arslan
Br Mourtada / +221776461717
Br Sheikh Alie Y. KallaySierra / +232 76847100
+232 88027334 WhatsApp: +232 79516072
Sr Umulkhair / +252 63 4222200
Br Lusaka Hamidu / +255 787 111 604
+255 757 111 604
Br Bogere, +256 755004547
Br Mutahhir / +1 803-201-7961
Sr Yasmeen


NameTitleCountryContact Details
Br Shamshad AyobiAfghanistan Representative and Brothers Student Committee ChairpersonAfghanistan+93 (0)70 22 22 341
Br Sayed Rahman AtifStudent Committee Vice
Br K KanaanWestern Australia Rep and SC ChairAustralia /
Br Modisa ModisaCommittee
Br Mubarak IbrahimStudent Committee
Br Raheel AshrafStudent Committee
Br Hamidul HannanAlberta Committee ChairpersonCanada/
Br Redwan AbdullahCommittee
Sr SanaeCommittee
Br Muhammed SannehCommittee
Br Fayaaz WaltherBrothers Committee
Sr Myriam Rim JendoubiSisters Committee
Br Alhassan Salifu Gule-ma IbrahimCommittee
Sr Pik Shan ChanCommittee ChairpersonHong
Sr Sayema ZulfeqarSisters Committee ChairpersonHyderabad
Br Muchamad SetiawanCommittee
Br Kun Anggiar LanangCommittee ChairpersonIndonesia
Br Muneeb ShahCommittee CoordinatorIndia
Sr Reshma Bint AmirSisters Committee ChairpersonIndia
Br Junia IssakaCommittee
Sr Manal AbdulrahmanSisters Committee ChairpersonKenya
Br Salim EliasCommittee ChairpersonKenya
Sr Sabra KhanSisters Committee ChairpersonKenya
Sr Madiha ShoukatSisters Committee
Br Abdullah KachalaCommittee
Br  Mohammed Faraz    
 Committee ChairpersonMalaysia
Sr Aishath Fahudha KhaleelSisters Committee
Br Arshad BoodooCommittee
Br Aminu Lobos TomeCommittee
Br  Nosherwan Huma 
 Regional Head Islamabad Pakistan Islamabad 
 Sr  Maryam Azam    Committee Chairperson Pakistan Islamabad
 Br  Tayyab Qasim    Regional Head Karachi & Brothers Committee Chairperson Pakistan Karachi  &
 Br  Usman Amjad   Regional Head Lahore Pakistan Lahore
 Sr  Sana Siddiq  Sisters Committee Chairperson Pakistan Lahore
 Br  Ahmad Ali Arshad  BrothersCommittee Chairperson Pakistan Lahore
Sr Hafsah ArnorolCommittee
Br S haik AfzalCommittee
Sr Asma MillerSisters Committee ChairpersonSaudi Arabia
Br Muhammad UsmanBrothers Committee ChairpersonSaudi Arabia
Br Ibrahim AmadouCommittee ChairpersonSaudi Arabia
Sr Jabeen SirajSisters Committee ChairpersonSaudia Arabia
Br Sajid HussainCommittee
Br Hassan AliIOU Borama Online Program Officer and SC coodinatorSomalia
Br Polat KhayreBorama Student Committee ChairpersonSomalia
Br Adil YoosufBrothers Committee ChairpersonSri
Sr Fatheena KhanColombo Committee ChairpersonSri Lanka
Br Mohamed FaizaCommittee
Br Abdunoor MulokoziCommittee
Sr Sheriffa Mohammed 
 Committee Chairperson Trinidad & Tobago 
Br Aroun BiaStudent Committee
Br Ibrahim ElshahatStudent Committee
Br  Kuule Mudashiru Committee
Br Abu AbdullahState Rep and SC ChairUSA (206) 432-2744
Br Saumik AminState Rep and Student Committee ChairpersonUSA
Sr Shaheena AzizState Rep and Student Committee ChairpersonUSA
Br Junaid AState Rep and Student Committee ChairpersonUSA South
Br Irhad TrnovacState Rep and Student Committee ChairpersonUSA
Br Mubarik JohnsonState Rep and Student Committee ChairpersonUSA
Sr Fatima D                       
 Committee ChairpersonZambia