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The International Open University (IOU) has launched the Master’s degree in Islamic Studies program, which is offered completely online and in English as a medium of instruction. This is an excellent opportunity for the BA students to continue, further, and enhance their understanding and knowledge of the religion.

This graduate program consists of 15 courses, thesis preparation and the master’s thesis in the fourth semester.* The regular duration of the program is two years. Nevertheless, students may complete it within one and half years minimum. One can take a maximum of four years to complete the program.

In general, higher education will enable students to expand their knowledge and skills, and be more effective and eloquent in speech and writing. For those who wish to enter the working field, higher education is a great asset in acquiring valuable and respected positions.

To be specific, higher education in Islamic studies will provide the opportunity to earn beneficial knowledge that will enable one—by the will and mercy of Allah—to perfect their religion, and obtain the pleasure of Allah by seeking and spreading knowledge of His religion. It is, in fact, one of the ways to gain sadaqa jariya (continuous rewards). It is evident that the more one knows, the more one can share. And the more one shares, the more one can gain which enables to reach higher levels of paradise.

The knowledgeable and the ignorant is never the same in the eyes of Allah as He says (interpretation of the meaning), “Say, ‘Are those who know equal to those who do not know?'” (Qur’an, Az-Zumar 39:9)

Furthermore, Muslims are encouraged to pursue perfection in any action. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “Indeed, Allah loves that whenever any one of you does something, he or she does it in the best way.” (At-Tabarani)

Hence, pursuing the MA in Islamic Studies at IOU is a golden opportunity  to implement this prophetic saying. You are cordially welcome in the wonderful journey of “Changing the nation through Education.”

*Note: the requirement of the first batch scheduled to graduate in Fall 2016 semester is to complete a total of 19 courses or 57 credit hours of academic courses including the M.A. thesis, Muslim Minorities (DHD 501), Tafseer Soorah Mulk (TAF 503) and Educational Administration (EDU 501).

Course Overview

AQD 501Aqeedah 501
HAD 501Hadeeth 501
FQH 501Fiqh 501
AMPH 408Arabic Morphology (Sarf) (formerly known as ARB 501)
TAF 501Tafseer 501
DHD 502 Orientalism
AQD 502 Aqeedah 502
FQH 502 Contemporary Fiqh Issues
ARB 502 Arabic Communication Skills
HAD 502 Hadeeth 502
FQH 503 International Relations
TAF 502 Tafseer 502


FQH 504Qada Wa Siyaa'sa Shar'eeyah
ARB 503Arabic Literature
THS 501Thesis Preparation and Research
HAD 503Hadeeth 503
THS 502 MA Thesis

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