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Higher Diploma (BMAIS) course is offered to the students who already possess an undergraduate degree or its equivalent in other disciplines and would like to enter the Master’s degree (MAIS) program rather than the undergraduate degree (BAIS) program. 

BMAIS is a one and a half year program (3 semesters – 6 courses in the first semester and 5 courses in the last two semesters) that can be completed in a maximum of 4 and a half years time. The minimum academic qualification to enter the IOU Higher Diploma program is a Bachelor’s degree (in any field). 

Higher Diploma is an accredited program. Students who successfully complete BMAIS will be given a certificate. 

There are three options for graduates of BMAIS program:

  1. Students are automatically eligible for the IOU MAIS degree program the following semester.
  2. Students may join the MAIS degree program later if they choose to take some time off.
  3. Students may follow MAIS program with any other institution of their choice.

Course Overview

AQD 101Aqeedah I (Ibaadah)
FQH 101Fiqh I (Math’habs)
TAF 101Tafseer I: Uloom al-Quraan
SER 101Seerah I (Prophetic Biography)
FQH 102Fiqh II (Ibaadat)
ATOH 306Arabic Grammar (AL TohfahAssanyyah 1) (formerly known as ARB BM 101)
AQD 302Aqeedah VI(Comparative II)
FQH 201Fiqh III (Mu’aamalaat)
TAF 201Tafseer II (Surah Yaseen)
HAD 101Hadeeth I: Terminology
ATOH 407Arabic Grammar (AL TohfahAssanyyah 2) (formerly known as ARB BM 102)
SER 102Seerah II (Prophetic Biography)
FQH 301Fiqh V (Usool al-Fiqh)
HAD 102Hadeeth II (The Best of Islam)
FQH 402Fiqh (Maxims & Maqaasids)
ATOH 408Arabic Grammar (AL TohfahAssanyyah 3) (formerly known as ARB BM 201)

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