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5th Online Convocation Ceremony

With immense gratitude the Islamic Online University is pleased to announce that 216 students from 54 different countries of 16 different programs are graduating in this Convocation Ceremony from the following departments: Islamic Studies, Psychology, Arabic Language and Linguistics, Education, Information Technology, Business Administration and Islamic Economics, Banking, and Finance, in sha Allaah.

We also have 31 students graduating from Ijazah program, Qur'an Memorization program and Tajweed Intensive course of the Global Qur'an Memorization Center (GQMC), alhamdu lillah.

It is indeed a proud moment for the IOU! We invite everyone worldwide to join us in the celebrations as we honor our graduates in a distinguished ceremony with an exciting program showcase:

·  Chancellor's Address to the Graduates

·  Guest of Honor - Words of Encouragement from Dr. Zakir Naik

·  Shaykh Kaamil Ahmad's Message to the Graduates

·  Honoring the Graduates by the Vice Chancellor

·  A Glimpse into the Journey of Seeking Knowledge - Graduates' Reflection

·  Welcoming the Graduates into the IOU Alumni Association

·  Valedictorian Speech

·  Vote of Thanks

Graduates, family, friends and distinguished guests can access the online ceremony LIVE here on January 5, 2019 at 1 PM UTC/4 PM Qatar time.

We would also like to take this opportunity to especially thank our academic and administrative staff for their relentless efforts throughout the years as the University continues to grow. We would like to end this note with our special best wishes and prayers for our newest batch of graduates, Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 graduating batches. May the light of the knowledge you have gained brighten up far and wide in your communities and beyond!