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New IOU Centre in Harare, Zimbabwe

A new IOU Center in Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe, was opened after receiving one hundred scholarships from the "One Million African Scholarship" initiative by Dr. Bilal Philips.

Access to the Internet, laptops, study space, and exam center are now available to all the students. In the past, high prices of the Internet and laptops prevented potential students to further their education but now, many students from Zimbabwe have registered for the scholarships and enrolled in various streams.

We asked students what the IOU scholarship and the opening of the center mean to them and here are their responses:

1. “It is a life-changing opportunity that is meant to be utilized. One of a kind and in line with deen.” —Lewis Madziire

2. “A great opportunity to advance when it comes to knowledge and a chance to prove that Muslim women can and are highly educated and not oppressed.” —Ayesha Amini

3. “It means learning without worries.” —Saniya Nikirosi

4. “Learning made easier, university-level education at your doorstep.” —Imaan Chisonga

5. “It has provided a basis for Muslims across the globe to professionally develop themselves in an Islamic way and whilst we gain knowledge that assists us here, we also get knowledge for our akhira. And the IOU learning base has provided many
opportunities for those who could not afford advanced education.” —Mandy Kapunda

6. “Knowledge is power and through education, a nation is built. The ummah with proper education and understanding becomes better for all.” —Ryan Makwilimba

7. “I strongly believe that education is power….this way we attain the power to have control over our lives.” —Dion Cooper

8. “To me, it was a dream come true. I have always wanted to be a psychologist and Allah Almighty answered my prayers.” —Sakina Mulelo

9. “This is an opportunity that we must utilize.”

We wish them success in both worlds.